Music In Motion’s pricing structure is based on three areas.

  1. The total length in which music is provided. Most event time frames are around 5 hours. Typically a 3-hour minimum is necessary. By having a minimum number of hours we don’t normally charge for set up, travel, or break downtime.
  2. Not all events are shaped the same thus some additional equipment is needed to be successful. Always provided are these items (unlimited variety of music, wireless microphone, speaker power up to 150, a self-sufficient setup, planning sessions, and more). Larger and/or 2 location events might necessitate a bit more equipment.
  3. Sometimes adding a little extra can enhance a celebration tremendously. Typically most think in terms of lighting and/or video screens. There are an infinite of options within these two categories and I encourage you to check out both Lit Lighting Productions and BIGGER THAN LIFE to learn more about these. Of course, always feel free to call me directly.

Great music for all ages.

With this in mind, most events start around $1200.