Tell Me Something Good

June 25, 2008


RE: Melissa Saxon and
Charles Goodman Wedding — June 7, 2008


Dear David,

“I wanted to write you and tell you how much we appreciated everything you did for Charlie and Melissa’s wedding at the Ironstone Vineyards. It was beautiful and so memorable!

“The special effects and music you provided were out of this world. All of our guests were so impressed by all the special features/music you showed throughout the wedding. Of all the vendors for our wedding, you were the best money spent!

Don’t let anyone call you just a DJ — you truly live up to your company name – Music in Motion!

Thank you again for all that you did to make this special day even more memorable! Please feel free to use me as a reference to other potential clients.”

Wedding dance floor in Murphys at Ironstone Winery





Old Sugar Mill Wedding


David, Nov. 2012

Thank you so very much for making our day the best to remember forever. Everything went off with no problems at all! The day flew by so fast, never had a moment to rest! Thanks for the guidance, planning and everything you did for us. Every penny was well spent and the return was priceless! Thank you for your participation on our special day.


I can’t thank you enough for being such a huge help in our planning, ideas and even last minute father-daughter music.  Everything flowed so smoothly and I loved the selection of music played. I only wish it could have been longer, but that will be for another time, a different event.


Dear David,

First of all I would like to thank you on behalf of my sorority Chi Omega for your help and service at our Winter Theme Dance. You really went above and beyond in helping me put that event on. I really couldn’t have done it without you! The quality of your equipment and how you ran speakers through the venue was perfect.

We were able to hear the music upstairs without it being too loud for us to talk. Along with that, your transitions were really smooth, which made everything feel much more professional fo us.

Then our events have never had colored lights before and they tied in with the theme so well that we barely needed decorations.  My sister also really enjoyed the videos you streamed on the waterfall. It was honestly such a nice touch, thank you. Overall you exceeded all expectations and were the most loved DJ we have ever had. So, once again, thank you.


Kurtie Kellner
Chi Omega Social Chair

Sorority Formals are always a blast


Dear Dave,


Thanks so much for the music it was great. Everybody I talk to had a great time. Thanks for all your help.  I had a great time and so did Tim.



“Dear Dave,

It has been almost 3 months living in the newness of married life, and we find ourselves smiling from time-to-time; a consequence of having you emcee our wedding reception and giving us moments to remember forever. I’m sure you remember how hot Sactown was that day. Since most of our guests were driving up from the Bay Area to see us get married outdoors in 98-degree heat (on a Sunday, no less), it would have been real easy for the reception to fall flat.

We have no doubt that if our reception wasn’t in the hands of a master emcee/D J. like you, there would have been a massive exodus even before the cake cutting. You knew how to read a crowd, and this was so key in mixing it up, in order to come up with creative ways to involve our guests. When you came up with the idea to pick 5 couples from our guest list to turn the tables on them when the crowd clinked their glasses, and to have them kiss instead of the bride and groom was creative and put a fun twist to tradition. You timed every joke perfectly for each given moment and
our guests lapped it up.

To this day, we still get wonderful comments of “party of the year”, “best reception ever”, etc. Many of our friends and family attribute the reception’s success to you. We agree. We can’t thank you enough in making our wedding reception so memorable not only for our guests, who traveled from afar to unbearable weather and on a Sunday, but of course, making it so memorable for us.

Thanks again, and we hope you continue on churning out unforgettable memories for others for many years to come.”


  Awesome wedding dancing in Sacramento




Dear Dave,

Ever since our wedding in April I have wanted to take the extra time to write you and thank you ever so much for helping us with our wedding. I remember the first stages of planning I must have interviewed five different DJ groups before finding you. I knew how important a DJ would be in the outcome of our reception and I was so happy once I found you. The one point that made you stand out from the other DJ’s was your love for the job and how detail oriented you were about all the little things. And after all, that’s what makes the difference between an ordinary wedding and an exceptional one.

I want to also thank you for all the advice you gave us on how to plan the reception being that we had never done this before. We didn’t have a clue how to go about this and you helped us see the big picture. Mike and I realized, not only did you provide us with the best service, you went above and beyond and listened to exactly what we needed and wanted to make our dream wedding come true.

You are truly an exceptional DJ who puts your heart into your work. Thank you for making our wedding night a classy, yet fun event at the same time. I will recommend you to all my friends.

It has been almost 3 months living in the newness of married life, and we find ourselves smiling from time-to-time; a consequence of having you emcee our wedding reception and giving us moments to remember forever. I’m sure you remember how hot Sactown was that day. Since most of our guests were driving up from the Bay Area to see us get married outdoors in 98-degree heat (on a Sunday, no less), it would have been real easy for the reception to fall flat.

We have no doubt that if our reception wasn’t in the hands of a master emcee/D J. like you, there would have been a massive exodus even before the cake cutting. You knew how to read a crowd, and this was so key in mixing it up, in order to come up with creative ways to involve our guests. When you came up with the idea to pick 5 couples from our guest list to turn the tables on them when the crowd clinked their glasses, and to have them kiss instead of the bride and groom was creative and put a fun twist to tradition. You timed every joke perfectly for each given moment and our guests lapped it up.

To this day, we still get wonderful comments of “party of the year”, “best reception ever”, etc. Many of our friends and family attribute the reception’s success to you. We agree. We can’t thank you enough in making our wedding reception so memorable not only for our guests, who traveled from afar to unbearable weather and on a Sunday, but of course, making it so memorable for us.

Thanks again, and we hope you continue on churning out unforgettable memories for others for many years to come.”

Wedding at Arden Hills Country ClubBeautiful wedding & reception at Arden Hills Country Club



Thank you so much for everything! Not only were you an awesome DJ, and a perfect master of ceremonies, but you made our wedding day very memorable and special. Mark & I both feel so lucky to have such a special friend like you participate in our day in such a huge way.

Thanks again — You Rock!

Wedding under the tent

Wedding at Fess Parkers' Wine & Spirits

Southern California reception


David,                 April 19, 1996


I would like to thank you for the great job you have done at our socials. In the past, what would determine our choice of Disc Jockeys, was the price. Until you supplied the entertainment for our parties, I thought one Disc Jockey was as good as another.


It is great to have you at our socials. You are always in control of the crowd, always getting them dancing and involved in contests and always taking charge of the night.


I have had many compliments on your work. When we are spending thousands of dollars on food for an event, it is great to know that the members are not going to eat and leave.  Instead, they are styaing and enjoying a night of entertainment.


Once again I would like to say thanks and keep up the good work.


Capital Athletic Club social events


Hi Dave, September 23, 2005


I had to get this off to you before we go on our honeymoon. You are the first person I wanted to thank regarding the unbelievable job you did at our wedding and reception.


Throughout the process you provided wonderful options that added to the experience you produced for our wedding and reception. Every detail was handled perfectly and the transitions were smooth and faultless.


Everyone had a great time and everyone was more than just a little impressed with the entire package that you created for us. To say it was fun, would be a gross understatement. While it was FUN, it was also very emotional and a wonderful sharing of our memories to our friends, family and loved ones.


Dave, you made it happen as only you could. From the dual screen photo montage, to the pre-recorded fun introductions used to present the wedding party to the reception.


Thanks again for your professional productions and taking charge of our event allowing us to relax and simply enjoy the evening. The contribution you made to making our evening magical cannot be overstated.



Once again I extend my sincerest thanks.


Brad & Londa Hillard

Winery wedding


Dear David,

I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you SO much for the amazing job you did at my wedding! From the moment we began communicating you were exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. I could tell that you are an expert at what you do and that showed through in every step of the way.


Your organization and attention to detail truly gave us peace of mind that our wedding would flow successfully. You took the lead at the reception and ensured that everything and everyone would be in the right place at the right time. We appreciate so much that you would come to Tom and I during the reception to get our feedback on things and let us know what to expect coming up. Because of your work we never had any doubts about anything and we were able to enjoy our special day. Your expertise also gave my mother (who is always playing host at every event) the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the wedding, knowing that the reception was in excellent hands.  For that I will always be so grateful because I wanted my mom to be able to enjoy the day as much as we did.


Aside from your work in taking charge of leading the reception you also did an amazing job with the song selection throughout. As Tom and I were enjoying the cocktail hour with our guests we could not help but notice the perfectly coordinated music in the background. You played all the music we asked for and more and it did so much to set the beautiful tone for the whole evening. We could not have been more happy with it.


Thank you so much again for your incredible work at our wedding. We had the most amazing day and we were able to enjoy it to the fullest because of you.

Bella Piazza Winery wedding celebration

Tom and Stephanie Kaiser
Married October 6, 2012


Hey David, 16 Jan 96


This letter is to thank you for doing such a professional job at the wedding last weekend. I saw you perform above and beyond what I see from many of the DJs that I work with in Sacramento. You were constantly working to make sure that the wedding went smoothly and, because of you, it did!

I do many Weddings each year and I always appreciate it when the DJ is an experienced professional — it makes my job much easier.



Sacramento weddings

Wedding photographer



We wanted to thank you again for the fantastic work you did at our wedding.  The music during dinner was a great variety of selections. Many people with different tastes complimented us on the selection of music during dinner because they all heard something they liked.


As you no doubt remember, we spent much time before the wedding worrying about the selection of music for the dancing. You read the crowd so well, we didn’t have to worry at all during the entire night. There was plenty of time to talk for people who wanted to talk. Time for slow dances for the couples. Big band tunes, rock, 80’s, and the special dedication for the best man (My Best Friend’s Girl). A great mix!


We especially wanted to thank you for acting as our M.C. for the evening. We left the worrying to you and had the best time we’ve ever had at a wedding. (Thank goodness — it was our wedding!). This was exemplified by a moment that stands out in our memory when you came to us in the receiving line to see if there was anything we needed. We were busy greeting guests and hadn’t even had time for an hors d’oeuvres. You brought us a glass of wine.


Your personal service and attention to detail made the difference. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone. Feel free to use us a reference.

Casa De Los Ninos wedding fun

Sacramento Wedding Reception.Bridesmaids dancing before the ceremony.





Thank you so much for everything you did for us during our wedding.  We have already recommended your services to a number of couples who are getting married soon. Your ability to work with us on all of our requests was outstanding.


Recommended professional DJ


Dear David,


Thank you so much for guiding Jessica and Bryan through decisions regarding music, scheduling, etc. for their wedding and then filling in the gaps!  The evening wend splendidly and you did a super job!

Winery wedding


From the book
Lake Tahoe Weddings: A Destination Wedding Guide For Brides


He was awesome; he was so much fun. Dave was so nice. He was wonderful; he had everyone dancing and having fun. What was funny was my sister-in-law thought he was a waiter and asked him for a roll — and he got her a roll. He bought music that we requested that he didn’t have.


I really thought a DJ could make or break a wedding, and I’ve been to so many where they’re boring — it’s like, they’re playing the polka again.


Dave asked me about the crowd and I told him it was a big mix. He had my entire wedding party on the dance floor. It was so fun,; he planned everything perfectly. I got the best response from him than any other service I hired. He is really reasonable, and
he will travel anywhere for you. He’s from Sacrament, and he traveled to Lake Tahoe at no extra charge.


Debbie West, Fremont, CA


Tahoe Wedding planning book


Dear David –

Just a note to say Thanks for doing such a great job with the Iglesias/Lauder wedding on 9/5/09 in Forresthill. I know the location was a Challenge, but you did an awesome job in pulling it all together and to keep the party going til the end. I can’t wait to work with you again.


Wedding Planner 101


David Van Enger,

Wow Wow Wow, You are extremely ttalented! My party was small and so I feared they would leave early, ha!… With you as our DJ people wanted to stay longer, everyone wanted to stay longer!


Hmm… maybe you are talented cos i don’t think i needed the hosted bar, ha!


David, you are an awesome DJ! Thank you for everything! I especially liked how you served guests drinks and moved them!


Wedding at the Peppermill Reno


Our entire family thanks you for making our 50″ party such a success!! It was really fun!

!Wedding celebration!

50th Wedding Anniversary


David, 9-20-03

Thank you again for being the “Captain of our ship” on our wedding day! We feel at ease and able to truly celebrate knowing you’ll have it under control.

Master of Ceremonies at a wedding


Dear Dave,

We are writing to express our heartfelt Thank you’s to you for the wonderful job you did at our post wedding party. You really know how to get the party going while keeping the mood that we were looking for — fun, but not cheesy, great music and keeping everyone on the dance floor — even the guys with the Stayin Alive “trick”- We love it!! We would recommend you to anyone who asked.

A dance party




Thank you so so much for all of the amazing work you did for our Red Dress Gala. You went over the top to help meet our every need and exceeded our expectations in every way. We especially appreciate your willingness to meet serveral times before the event to make sure that everything would be perfect the day of.


You truly saved our event with the effort you put in to get the liquor license and we know for a fact that most other bartending services would not have spent the time pursuing that for us. Our guests raved about the drinks and the friendly service they received from your bartenders.


The absolute best part of the gala was your DJ-ing.  The music was perfect for the atmosphere of the event and you made sure there was a little bit of everything for everyone. Your MC skills were just what we needed to keep all of our guests entertained and we loved all of the games, trivia questions and time killers you came up with to keep the night going.


We truly believe the gala wouldn’t have been as successful without you and look forward to hiring you for our gala next year!


Sorority Formal & Fundraiser


Dear David,

Steve and I would like to thank you for the great job you did at the reception. You got everyone dancing, it was great. We got many compliments and a few guests wanted your information. Thanks so much for everything!
Great job!!


Dear Dave, June 20, 1996


It is always a pleasure to work with you at the wedding reception.  When the bride tells us that Music In Motion is going to be the DJ at their wedding reception, I know that everyone is going to have a good time.


I sent a couple of pictures that we took at Jim & Kelly’s wedding.  They thought it was great that you came out and was in some fun pictures with them. Every couple will remember the little extra things that you do to make their day a more memorable one.

Fun Wedding photosWedding photographerSacramento wedding photographyWedding Dancing


Dear David,
Thank you so much for being a wonderful DJ (and more) and for being a big part of our successful 15 year Anniversary celebration!  I think everyone enjoyed the music and had a wonderful time dancing. Thank again!

Corporate party


Dear David,


What an amazing wedding! I could never have imagined such a big event would run so smoothly.  You did an awesome job carrying the whole night. I was impressed with your music choice, management, everything! Thank you so much,


Smooth wedding reception


David- May’ 04

Thank you so much for providing great entertainment for our wedding. You did a great job and you’ll be highly recommended by us.

Entertaining Disc Jockey


From the book
Lake Tahoe Weddings: A Destination Wedding Guide For Brides


Everybody seems to really like him, he seems to really know the mood of the crowd.  Part of the services he provides is to take charge of the weddings from the very beginning, from the time things are set up. He even provided the music for the march down the aisle. I told him what I would like to go on at the reception, the timing, and the order fo things to get done. I didn’t have to worry about anything. He even provided a bubble machine. Walking back down the aisle, there were bubbles.


Then during the reception, there were bubbles on the dance floor. I gave him a list of the kind of music I wanted played and our dance floor was packed the entire time. In fact, the only complaint from our guests was that we didn’t have a big enough dance floor and the music didn’t last long enough. Everyone just had so much fun, it seemed like the reception was over too soon.


Lee Ann Larson, Folsom, CA



Tahoe Wedding planning book


David- 6-10-03


Thanks for helping to make our wedding memorable. Your experience was invaluable, especially considering how green everyone else involved was.  Here is our balance due ($100) plus some extra for a job well done.

Thank you again,


Wedding disc jockey


David –

We wanted to say thank you for making everything perfect!! Thanks to you, everyone had so much fun at the reception. You truly exceeded our expectations and will be recommended to all of our friends!

Recommend DJ



Thank you for making our reception so memorable, in SO many ways’ It was very fun, entertaining!

Wedding at Wilson VineyardsMemorable Wedding


Dear David,                                                             February 9, 2000


In my role as the statewide Manager of the Community College Foundation Independent Living Program (ILP) for fifty-two colleges. I have organized and sponsored many foster youth conferences, which had a dance included in the activities. It was a very positive experience working with Music In Motion. Your professionalism in the music business was apparent at our first meeting. You were sensitive to the population you would be working with and offered your expertise of the wide range of music for the teenagers and adults. You were committed to high standards in making the evening a success for the Sacramento Chapter and California Youth Connection (CYC) Dinner Dance.


You communicated effectively with Francis when she notified you of our need for a disc jockey for the CYC evening activity. You showed the young lady a variety of music that could be played at the event and impressed her with your kindness. You assessed the needs and arranged a suitable contract, which was very acceptable. Our statewide program values your understanding and communication skills. By offering to take on the duties and responsibilities of walking each table of youth to the dinner buffet you kept the youth in order. You were able to keep the youth moving in an efficient and effective way as they changed from room to room. With so many teenagers your leadership was helpful. By taking it upon yourself to be proactive and intuitive throughout the evening you improved the atmosphere of the evening.


The two hundred teens respected your opinions an valued your interaction. You were creative and knew how to work with the youth in a positive manner. By your monitoring the requests for songs and evaluating the youth’s energy nothing got out of control and I know that is not easy to do for five continuous hours. Our organization was comfortable with your interactions with the youth and adults. You shared with the CYC Sacramento Chapter your concerns and kept us well informed on the matters at hand. David, you were an integral part of the huge success of the evening acitivity.


It was a privilege working with you. We will contact you as soon as we have a date for next year’s dinner dance. Again your enthusiasm was contagious and we appreciated your service and having you attend our event.



DJ Dancing

Youth Dance


Dear David, February 2007

Thank you so much for your outstanding service at our wedding.  You handled yourself with complete professionalism, and helped to create a truly memorable day.

Professional DJ




Words really can’t express our gratitude for your fantastic job of DJ/MC’ing Beth and Steve’s wedding on Saturday. You were absolutely incredible from start to finish. Appreciated how you worked with Lisa & Sugarbowl to keep us all on task while allowing flexibility. And calming my nerves early on that you would take care of everything and to enjoy the evening (which I did!!!).


And the way you kept things flowing, interactive and fun with our size group. And also incorporating the kid’s large playlist in just the right places. It was great you could hear the music all over the grounds — Beth and Steve said as they were taking pictures they kept saying “that one was mine” to each other! So they were really pleased and will send a thank you separately. But now I can see how you could be the best man, wedding coordinator and DJ/MC on your recent trip to Houston! Wow!


The DVD/video presentation was indeed “extraordinaire”. I would like four additional copies of that please when you can. Very well done. We got home late last night and I had to watch it again before bed (twice). And will show at the reception here this weekend.


But again, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you — all the special touches and surprises you added to the night were excellent. Like having grace said before dinner. And playing ou fight song as they came up the hill. I’ve been telling everyone in my office today about that — so funny (especially with some Wolfpack fans there; loved it!). It was a great wedding and the best anniversary for us EVER (thanks for including that too!). Anyway, for all the big and small things: “I thank my God upon every rememberance of you.”


Mike & Miriam Westover
July 23, 2012


Sugarbowl wedding reception


David- Just a formal thank you for the great job you did DJ’ing & MC’ing our wedding July 21 in Lake Tahoe. All the added activities & keeping all on track plus utilizing our playlist in just the right places made the whole night a complete success!  We couldn’t have done it without you!                        P.S. The “Video Extraordinaire” Fantastic!



December 17, 1999

Dear David,


Thank you so much for your support of our Holiday mixer and for your gracious hospitality. Your pariticpation was key to the success of our event and although the setting was social, it offered the Bureau members an opportunity to get to know you and your product a little better and further establish relationships that, no doubt, will benefit your marketing efforts.


Your spirit of cooperation is essential to our success and the event only enhanced the great working relationship our two organizations already enjoy. In addition to being part of our team, you are a real asset to our community.


David, on a personal note, I want to thank you for your continued support of the bureau. Every time we need your help, you’re always there for us. We are looking forward to working with you on future opportunities to enhance your business through increased visibility. Until then, give me a call if we can of assistance.


Best wishes for a joyous season and successful new year!


Sacramento Business DJCorporate Christmas Party



Hey man…. Great times!!! Thanks for doing such an awesome job. We loved it! Everyone loved it! We knew we would have a great time with you but thanks for helping to make our day more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. Take care and we will keep in touch.

Wedding party celebrationSun City Lincoln Wedding




You are the best!  Thank you so much for your efforts throughout our special day. You are the best DJ ever!




Best DJ


Dear Dave,
It was such a pleasure having you as the DJ for Jocelyn’s wedding. We appreciated your energy and organization.
As many of the guests said… it’s too bad it didn’t last longer.


Organized wedding



Dear David ,                              4/11/08


A very belated thank you for provided music and for emceeing our mixer this month.  You did a great job and I really enjoyed working with you. I loved the way you got everyone involved!

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. Thanks for your continued support.


Sacramento business mixer

AFWPI mixer


David 11-24-07
Thank You So much for a wonderful nite.  I think everyone had a great time.  I know I did and so did Danielle. I can’t wait to see the video thanks again.


DJ with video extraordinaire


David,                                       6-11-11

You are the best D.J. in the world! Thank you for making our wedding great.  I can’t tell you how many compliments we received from guests about how outstanding our D.J. was. Thank You, thank you, thank you!

Winery Wedding

Bella Piazza Winery Wedding


David –




Wedding Disc Jockey


Dear Dave,


Thank you so much for working with Anthony and I throughout our engagement. We truly appreciate all the time and effort you have put into making this the happiest day of our lives. We are especially grateful that we had you as our “Captain” of the night! Thank you so much.


Wedding planning MC


Thank you so much for working with us and making our wedding run so smoothly. The slideshow turned out better than we could ever have imagined. People still tell us how awesome that was. We were so pleased with how everything turned out and we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.

Wedding video screens




I’ve seen you do my sister’s wedding, my friend’s wedding and my wedding.  Each time you’ve made it unique and extremely fun. I want to thank you for the wonderful time you gave us at our wedding. You did a wonderful job and we are so glad that you were our DJ. Thanks for making our wedding fun.


Family DJ


Dear David,                  October 25, 2010

Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into making our wedding day extra special. It was everything we’d imagined it to be and more. Hopefully I wasn’t too difficult to work with (smiley face). Let us know if you still need help w/your project. We’d like to help if possible.


Wedding DJ MC

.Old Sugar Mill Winery Wedding




Thanks so much for the great job at the reception on the river, as well as all the time spent with the preparation. We greatly appreciate it!


All the guests loved the location and the music.  Your suggestions were right on!


Sacramento River Wedding ReceptionExperienced Disc Jockey




Thank you so much for helping us on our special day! Your DJ skills got rave reviews from our family and friends. We loved working with you! Best of luck in your future endeavors. Thank you again.


DJ dance experience


David,                 February 8.1999


What can I say? The master has done it again. We truly couldn’t have done this event without you.


Your choice of music was perfect as always, and everyone really enjoyed the video display. The combination of the video display and lights was perfect. It kept people entertained and got them more involved in the event. I’ve never seen so many of our members up dancing or had so much positive feedback from guests. Because of the sponsor recognition on the video display we had more sponsors than we’ve ever had for our Crab Feed. I know next year we’re going to see our guest and sponsor count skyrocket.


Thanks again for all of your help in coming up with ideas for the event, and all of your hard work you did Friday night. In a few weeks I’ll give you a call so we can start brainstorming for next year’s Crab Feed and to check your availability for a couple of other events this fall.


BIA business mixerDJ for Crab Feed Fundraiser



Thank you for bringing and setting up the sound system for us. I always appreciate the effort you put into our events. Charis and I will be planning some more events soon. As soon as I have confirmed dates I’ll call you.



Thanks again for being our DJ October 21. You did a great job as Always. I should know by the 13″ what our theme is going to be for the Feb. Crab Feed. I’ll call you as soon as I know so that we can schedule a site visit. See you soon.



I know this is a weird request. My 9 year old brother was at the Crab Feed with me.  After we got back to my house I found out that he wanted to meet you, but I was too busy for him to ask. I asked him if an autographed picture of you in your costume would make up for it and he said yes. This was the only photo our photographer got of you. Would you mind signing it for my brother. I would really appreciate it. He thought you were really cool. His name is Levi. Thanks a million I’ve been feeling
guilty ever since.

Building Industry Association business mixer



Thank you very much for your services. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear, including the Bride and Groom. They finally realized both families support them, both emotionally and financially. They enjoyed working with you. The slide show was a BIG HIT as much as the lion dance.

Wedding group involvement




Dave and I want to say thanks for everything.  You truly turned our wedding on June 8″ at Scribner Bend into the party we wanted it to be.  Starting with making sure everything was on time to making sure the attendees were having a good time – – – you were on top of it all. Received a nice compliment about how you just didn’t open the dance floor you got everyone out on the dance floor and involved. That idea with the first dance was quite clever.


You were awesome!

Group involved family wedding first dance

First Wedding dance at Scribner Bend Winery




Thank you so much– for helping make our wedding day one we’ll remember forever! We really appreciate all your time and effort putting together the photo memory, the music and coordinating the whole day. Well– all except that kissing idea!  Kissing game


Seriously — we had a great time and will definitely recommend you in the future.


Wedding kisses




Thank you for helping make Andy and Katie’s day so special! I appreciate your help with the matron of honor speech. I know it will be a hit with your incredible DJ skills.


Thank you again!


Wedding Toasts


David,           5-30-02

Hi there… I wanted to Thank you So much for everything you’ve already done. I think you are the only part I’m not anxious about!

Stressless wedding planning


David Van Enger,

Thanks for all of your help! Thanks for extending the dance!
Thanks again!

More DJ dancing


6 June 2007


Dear David,


Charles and I wanted to thank you for making our wedding so much fun! So many people tell us that it was the most fun wedding they’ve been to and that they danced more here than at others.


We loved the ways you got everyone involved and kept the party going.  Thank you for making it so memorable.


Fun Wedding


From the book
Lake Tahoe Weddings: A Destination Wedding Guide For Brides


I first met Dave at a bridal fair, and I really liked his outgoingness. He had a good energy about him and is a really good person. He was so helpful and understanding. He’s on top of things, He’s not lazy or anything. When we got to the wedding he played not only as my DJ but as the coordinator.


I had a lot of compliments on him. I trusted him and everything was perfect. He’s funny — he made everybody laugh. He put a videotape together for us — Video Extraordinaire. I gave him pictures and picked songs and he put them in order for me.  He took a video camera, transferred the pictures onto video and placed them with the music (it takes a long time).


Dave was really good , I was really impressed with him. He got everybody up and going. He is full of life, and you feel he is going to get the job done and do it right.  He’s sincere and he wants what’s best for you. Dave knows it’s not about him — it’s about you.


Deana Berry, Carmichael, CA


Tahoe Wedding planning book




Where to begin? You have made our wedding day the best day of our lives.  Everything ran so smoothly & came off better than I ever thought it could. It helps that I’ve known you for so long Bud.  Everyone had such a great time & I’ve heard nothing but compliments.   The slide show & video DVD turned out great plus I can’t thank you enough for those memories.  Here’s to friends! Your are the best!


David. We love ya!


Fun Family Friends Wedding


Dear David,


Thank you so much for making our reception a rip roaring good time! We think that our reception was the best wedding reception we have ever been to!  Of course we’re biased!


Thank you for coordinating everything! We were amazed by how smoothly everything went! You were worth every red penny and then some! We were blessed to have found you!


Many Thanks,


Best Wedding Reception


Dear David November 4, 1994

I wanted to express my thanks on behalf of the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau for providing the acoustic ambiance during our last business mixer of the year at Cafe La Salle. Thank you for sharing your talents and audio equipment.

Many thanks again for a successful evening. We are adding to our membership daily and have members like you to thank fo helping us in our efforts. If I can be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to call.

Visit Sacramento at Railroad Museum Old Sacramento


David, 3-12-96

It was a pleasure working with you during Feb. Faire Expo ‘96. The event was a success largely due to all your talents and efforts. I look forward to working with you in the future. Many thanks, again & again. Warmest Regards



Thank you so much for providing the music during our last two mixers. As always you are a Class act and have put together music that was fitting for each event. I enjoy working with you, as well as our continued friendship over the years. Let me know what I can do for you to return your dedicated service.

Business mixer Sacramento


Dear Dave,


We just wanted to thank you for the great job you did being the master of ceremony at our wedding. Thank you!


We also wanted to thank you for the video of the reception. I could have kicked myself for not hiring a professional videographer, but you such a good job at capturing most of our special day. It really meant a lot to us. We can’t thank you enough.


Also, the video extraordinaire was exceptional! I think it brought tears to many people’s eyes, including us!


Thanks Again Dave Good Job!


Wedding reception great dancing

Wedding with Video Extraordinaire


Dear David- May 21, 1998

We wanted to let you know what a great job you did at Summer and Frank’s wedding in El Dorado Hills, May 16″. It (NOT YOU) was dis-organized at times but you pulled it all together and kept things on track.

The music was great as was your timing. Many of the wedding guests commented on what a great DJ you were.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was a great wedding and a great day. Everyone had fun and you were a part of it all!

Thanks again,

El Dorado Hills Wedding




Thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding. Everyone comments on how great the music and games were.


Words cannot express the joy that we feel remembering that you shared the beginning of our new life together. Take care,


P. S. The pictures are a nice touch.


Guests had a great time


Dear David,


Just a quick note to thank you for the great job you did at our wedding. We could not have not been more happy with your performance!


It was such a relief knowing that you were there to take charge and keep the party going.  We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone for any occasion! Your professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding!


Hopefully our paths will cross again some day.


DJ wedding performance


Dear David, June 12, 1996


Thank you for helping to make STAR’s first annual Extravaganza a huge success. We have had many comments from STAR families about how much fun they had and they are looking forward to next year.

We feel that you were instrumental to the success fo the event. The families had a blast participating in the contests. We loved your creative ideas and methods of involving the entire audience. You were most helpful in extending the wait time for the performance (we wanted to get those burgers out…), it would have been extremely difficult without you.

Thank you for your help with the audio and microphones for the performance. We learned a lot and will be better prepared and educated next year. We will also have all of our music for the performance on our own CD’s.  It was a pleasure working with you. The entire STAR staff agreed that hiring you was the best decision we made. Thank again for doing such a great job!!!



STAR school fundraiser

Fun school fundraiser


Dear David,
Thank you for Helping to Make STAR’s Beach Party Extravaganza A Huge Success!

Once again… you were great! We love your creative ideas and the way you relate to the kids and families. Everyone had a blast! It was a pleasure working with you! Thank for doing such a great job!

Many Thanks,

Disc Jockey entertainment for school fundraiser


Dear David,

Thank-you so much for providing the music for our wedding reception. You did a nice job keeping everything organized and flowing nicely and on schedule. Everyone really enjoyed the “hot centerpiece game” and some of the musical selections, such as the polka! That was perfect and as was the conga line. Thanks for always taking the time to meet with us and being so patient with us!

Thanks again….

Smooth flowing wedding




Dan and I want to thank you so much for Djing our wedding. You did a fantastic job, especially getting everyone involved. I’ve already heard at least a dozen times of how great my DJ was!!


You came highly recommended and I will also return the recommendation to others! Best of luck with Music In Motion.




Fantastic wedding DJ


Sandra & Jeremy Russell         Sheraton       Sept. 6. 97




We wanted to say thank you. You did such a great job. I’m sorry I didn’t help you out with the music choosing but you did such a great job that people who had to drive 4 hours (to go home) stayed there until you said That’s it. I couldn’t have choosen a better DJ. That night was a dream come true.


Dream wedding reception




We wanted to send you a thank — you to tell you how much we appreciated everything you did at the wedding! I’ve never known a DJ who was able to get everyone out on the floor and dancing, including my 80 year old Grandma!


You were great! Everyone loved you! And as Master of Ceremony, you made my day so much easier and everything went so smoothly! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a DJ!


Dancing grandma


Dear David-


Just a short note to thank you and tell you how much we appreciate your professionalism and expertise in making our celebration an event we will always remember!  Many of our guests made the special effort to tell us how much they enjoyed the music and your ability to both get and keep the party going!  Feel free to use us as a reference anytime and we will continue to recommend you as well.


Rocking wedding party


Just wanted to Thank You so much for your professional service. You made our special day so unique. We’ve had several compliments about you. Thanks again.

Unique wedding day


Dear David,                  2/25/92


I apologize for the lateness of this note, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your brother did at our dance. Everyone really appreciated your enthusiasm. You really kept everyone motivated and out on the dance floor for most of the dance.


The dance contest was also a very good idea. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did.


Sorority dance party


Dear Dave

Thank you for making our wedding reception on February 6. 1993 into such a great party. Everyone had lots of fun. You orchestrated everything so well that we were even able to relax and have fun. Your attention to detail was great. We had many compliments. We will recommend your services to anyone we know who needs a DJ.

Wedding disc jockey



Thank you so much for doing such an excellent job at our wedding reception. (7/31/93) It was so nice not to have to worry about anything! Who needs a coordinator with you guys around!! You really did a terrific job. Great music — fun!!

July wedding with great music


Dear David-
We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful music at our wedding reception. Looking over the video, you did a good job directing activities, too.


We had the best time and a lot of it had to do with the music. If you need a reference or we can help in any way please let us know. Otherwise, thanks once again… It was perfect.

DJ directing wedding activities




Dennis & I wanted to say thank-you for Djing our wedding. You were great! We’ll recommend you to anyone! I would also like to thank-you for carrying me to my mother’s room-you’re sweet!


Wedding DJ


Just wanted to Thank You so much for your professional service. You made our special day so unique. We’ve had several compliments about you. Thanks again

Packed wedding dance floor


Dear David, October 13″, 1998


Daniel and I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic job you did at our wedding one month ago. We had the greatest time and you were everything in a d.j. that we were looking for, and then some! Watching the video I was able to see a lot of the details that I was unaware of at the wedding and reception. The way you coordinated everything was just perfect.


We especially liked the added touches, (i.e. the children sitting on the steps as Priscilla sang our first dance, bringing us something to drink as we did photographs, the “Dot-Son” dance, the competition of the bride’s side/groom’s side). So many more I haven’t mentioned.


The was great. I’ve watched the video many times already and most of the guests danced most of the evening. They were all having the best time. We have had many, many compliments on our choice of d.j.’s and we will be sure and give your name to anyone who is looking for a d.j. in the future.


Thank you again for making our special day very memorable, we will always treasure the fun and romance that we felt throughout the evening. Feel free to use our letter as a reference at any time in your career.


With appreciation,


Memorable wedding DJ