"Providing the Soundtrack to your Life"

Let’s face it music is the staple of any DJ’s performance. It doesn’t matter how talented or entertaining a DJ is. If they don’t have the right music for your event your group isn’t going to get involved or dance.

Boat WeddingIt’s not only important to have the music but equally important to know the various styles and how to put them together. Some companies only supply their DJ’s with a surface level of music. This is nice for the events in which you only want to hear the often played tunes like YMCA, Old Time Rock & Roll and Friends In Low Places, but not if you want the music more personalized to your tastes. fake rolex

Wedding DanceThe question is “Is this all a professional DJ should or will have?” I can’t answer that for every company, but I can tell you what my music catalog consists of. At every event. I have over 6,000 music artists, over 90 percent of the number 1 songs since 1955, 52 different styles of music, songs dating back to the 1920’s, my catalog is updated on a weekly basis and if you have a special selection I don’t have I’ll get it. All of my music is presented on a professional, digital, legal format.

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