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A Few Questions To Help You Select Your Professional Disc Jockey

(1) Who specifically is going to be your lifetime memory creating DJ?

(2) What is the philosophy, experience, approach, ethics and history of the DJ company as well as your particular DJ?

(3) Do they always provide a reliable, professional wireless microphone?

(4) How presentable is the sound system, what does it look like, how much room is needed or are there any unique requirements?

(5) How wide of a variety of music do you want for your event and does your DJ know and have that music variety on a digital, legal format at every event?

(6) What will your DJ be wearing and how presentable is he or she?

(7) Do they provide appropriate, timely paper work? (music survey, contract, brochure or flier, planning guide, artist list, etc.)

(8) Do they make using their service easy, by taking a professional, service oriented approach? Examples
     (A) Searching for and obtaining any requested music
     (B) Having available some of the following
          (I) toll-free number
          (II) fax
          (III) e-mail and web site
          (IV) cell or pager number
          (V) accept credit cards
          (VI) office with specific hours
          (VII) insurance
          (VIII) member of local associations
          (IX) unique creative options and flexibility in
     (C) How available is your DJ before your date and are they flexible, such as being able to meet with you at your event’s location?

(9) Is backup equipment and preparation always part of the plan and what is it?

(10) Can your DJ provide past client as well as current, professional references?

(11) What role do you want your DJ to fulfill and are they willing, capable and
experienced enough to fulfill and even exceed your expectations? cheap lace dress

(12) Does your DJ continue to learn and upgrade their music and equipment?

(13) Is your DJ a full-time, service oriented professional or a part-time hobbyist?

(14) Are you comparing comparable DJ services when comparing their prices?
Remember not all DJ’s are the same and you can’t do it over.