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Sound System & Unique Options

At Music In Motion I use only professional DJ equipment, no home stereo systems. This means my sound system consists of current, reliable, compact, good looking components. I always include backup equipment, a wireless microphone, a self sufficient set-up, limited cords, digital playback components, lighting and a draped presentation.

Over the years I have come to realize that extras and options aren’t right for every event, but in some cases the right combination of equipment can add just the right touch to enhance an event in a phenomenally unique way. It can be a touch like this that can help you enjoy the day more and create some wonderful lifetime memories. The following are a few of my creative options followed by a brief description of their attributes.

Additional Speakers - I use Ramsa speakers and have a total of 22. They can be combined to handle events up to 5000 people. The crisp, full quality sound provided by these speakers make them one of the top brands used for communication purposes.

Additional Lighting -
I have over 15 different forms of special effect lights. A few of your options include mirror balls, fog, spots, black, bubbles and lasers.

Video Extraordinaire -
This package is best described as a three-part form of visual enhancement. By using a large screen and/or multiple monitors I can add one or all three of the following. “Bringing Back The Years” is a collection of photos and/or video footage edited together and accompanied with the perfect music. Although this is a great way to look over a companies past productive year, or to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, the most popular application is to celebrate the lives, family and friends of two people on their wedding day. Another option includes the use of DVD music videos along with background videos to enhance any event. This is a great way to give your event an extra boost especially if you are planning a theme event or Christmas gathering. The third alternative is a live camera. With live cameras I can now project your event’s activities larger than life. Often used for speaking situations the use of live cameras can also help to keep some of your guests entertained. These are just a few of this package’s possibilities.

Tri-Wireless Combination -
This is a trio of wireless microphones that is often added for larger (100+), outdoor wedding ceremonies. Included are 2 clip on mics and/or 2 handheld. When this combination is added a total of 4 wireless mics are available. This set-up is also great for business and seminar types of presentations.

Ceremony Sound System - This is a sleek and compact system that was created for your ceremony when it is in a different location than your reception. It’s also available and great for PA rental or background music situations.

Beyond Games - Music In Motion’s latest addition was added with the corporate event planner in mind. This is an excellent way rolex replica paypal to create some fun and unique situations with your staff. The most common environments for Beyond Games have been training programs, trade shows, break out sessions and new product introductions.


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